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Agreement and Conditions

BrowseThisHouse is only for the advertising of real estate and all signs provided are the ownership of our company. We provide neither legal, appraisal, nor any other professional real estate services nor employ any real estate professional such as Realtors or Brokers. Review this service agreement often, and all services and fees are subject to change without notice.

Eligibility for Service
If you purchase service offered on BrowseThisHouse you agree that:

  • You will abide by this service agreement.
  • You are the legal owner of the property you are advertising.
  • All information you supply to BrowseThisHouse, is to the best of your knowledge true and accurate.
  • You are eighteen years of age or older.
  • You are both owner and seller, therefore advertising your property on a “For Sale By Owner” or "For Rent by Owner" basis, with yourself named as seller or lessor. If you are a broker/owner, you will disclose that fact in the description of your ad.
  • The ad is for one property only and cannot be transferred to another property.
    Failure to comply with these policies will result in the removal of any ad from BrowseThisHouse.

Fees and Refunds
Since all of our expenses are incurred at the beginning of your ad, we cannot offer a refund.
We do not prorate the cost of our services for any reason.
The company is an advertising company and does not guarantee the sale or lease of your property.

Duration of Advertisement
Your ad remains active on BrowseThisHouse until your property is:

  • Sold/Leased
  • Taken off the market
  • Listed with a Realtor
  • (whichever comes first)

Changes to Advertisement
We will maintain the information of your ad and, at your request, make ad changes, i.e., sales or rent price change, description, and update photos during the term of the ad.

Advertising in Other Media
Your property may be advertised/marketed with other forms of media, such as newspaper.
During the period your property is listed on BrowseThisHouse, the property may not be listed with a real estate agent/broker. In the event you decide to list with a real estate agent or broker, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. We will then pick up all signs.

Sign Policies
Our company provides you with the rental of attractive, professional signs.
The signs will remain in your possession as long as your ad remains active, as defined above.
Our company, in any instance, is not responsible for damage to any underground utilities or sprinkler systems from the placement of Yard Signs. Our company is not responsible for any bodily or property damage from any individual who attempts to install, remove, or relocate any sign, that has been provided by the company. Purchasing any of our services indicates your agreement and compliance with this policy.

Signs will be delivered in approximately 3 business days from the time of advertisement with this website.

The customer is responsible for any consequences that may result from the placement of this sign. The Yard Sign is the only sign to be installed by our company.

End of Service
Your ad will expire as soon as your property is sold/leased, taken off the market, or listed with a real estate agent.

You agree to notify the company immediately following the real estate closing or leasing so that we may pick up our signs and change the status of your property on our site to “Sold” or “Leased.” If for any reason you decide to cancel your ad for any reason, simply notify us at: contact@BrowseThisHouse. We will then come out to the listed property to collect all signs.

At the end of service, the yard sign is only to be removed by our company. The customer is held responsible for any damaged or missing yard sign and/or parts. Sign fees are $50.00 for the yard sign.

You are required to make all signs available for pick up at the expiration or cancellation of your ad.